Complaint: Fundraiser that never seems to pay out the donations

on 05 May 2019 about Facebook in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I had created a fundraiser on Facebook trying to get help with some money due to an emergency situation that my family is going thru. We raised 828, so far. Now the payout is supposed to happen on the 6th day after a donation was made (this is according to Facebook) so far I have been only paid out 109.76 outnof the 828. They have changed payout dates and amounts everyday since the 5 days passed from time of donation. I have pictures of each day and what was suppose to happen to what has happened.
Supposedly they have sent $48.40 and $315.65 to my account but it has not posted yet. And this morning they should have been send an addition $263 and change. Well now again they are saying nothing to be sent today thatbit will all be sent the next day (May 6).
Getting your money that your friends and family have donated to you is like going to a dentist and having all your teeth pulled with a dirty pair of pliers and a vice grip.

Please help

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I would like Facebook to send me the money that was donated as it has been over a week or better that I have been waiting on my cash to be sent to and post to my account.
This is ridiculous that someone that needed to set u a fundraiser to keep themselves on a hotel room and not be on the streets with 3 kids. But it’s like they are trying to force the issue and make us homeless. Tired of these big companies thinking they can do whatever they want to the little guy.

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