Complaint: Fraud and harassment at fort Walton beach housing authority

on 18 August 2019 about Fwb Housing Authority in category Real Estate / Housing

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My complaint:

I moved to fort Walton beach from Panama city Florida do to hurricane Michael I lost everything except the clothes on my back I was called by a very nice young lady that worked at fort Walton housing authority she told me that she had a unit available for me i had made an appointment to come the following day to get the apartment for me and my daughter to have a place to stay I have lived in housing complex for over 11 years and I have never had a complaint I have been living in fort Walton for 7 months and i have been constantly harrassed by ***** a housing she have constantly harrassed me over and over for no reason at all I had no clue who this woman was she started harassing me about my guy friend *****  who was also a victim of hurricane Michael ***** started moving me and my daughter things in unit 70 every time we would find something from the thrift store that we needed I guess***** was trying to move in my unit with ***** started taken pictures of ***** watching what time he leaves and enters my unit straight stalking and harassing me and ***** had also started leaving letters on my door constantly threaten to evict me from my unit over ***** being a constant visitor of mine one of ***** coworkers came and told me that what ***** is doing to me and ***** is against the law*****  all his personal information like he was a tenant moving in just so he could visit me and that still wasn’t good enough I knew it was more to the story about ***** I then found out ***** had numerous complaints and nothing never gets done about it I found out ***** boss gail was committing a crime with ***** stealing grant money from the housing authority using the money for their own personal use that’s why ***** never gets in trouble her boss gail can’t do anything they are working together and ***** knows she want get in trouble her boss gail is right with her all the way ***** messes with the tenants so the government will think she is doing a great job detouring her from the crime she is committing this has to stop since I have found out the truth about ***** and fort Walton beach housing authority I’m looking to get me a lawyer for all the harassment she have done to me and ***** plus exposed all the wrong she have done to tenants people like ***** needs the max punishment for using her authority to abuse tenants committing a crime and get away with it for so long and she have gotten away with it I pray to God ***** gets caught and they make her go back to her country wherever it might be ***** does not belong in America she is a racist animal that should be shipped back to her country I’m so hurt and broken hearted that I had to endure all this pain after a hurricane imma share this story with the entire world ***** needs stop and be caught and be investigated thank you for reading this complaint and true information

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That ***** be fired from fort Walton beach housing authority she have harrassed innocent tenants she have threaten to put tenants out for no reason at all but to bully and control them she have a stack of complaints from tenants that has never been looked into by her boss gail because information from a coworker inside the housing authority informed me that ***** and her boss gail have been stealing grant money for a while

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