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on 26 June 2019 about CSR Automotive in category Automotive

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My complaint:

The place call Fraser RV Parts in Cookstown in HWY 27 recommended me to take my Motor Home to *** to this CSR Automotive. They charged me $125 or $ 135 dollars an hour.for the inspections. This place speacialize in Motor Home and other tall vehicles.
After a day or two and trying to get the SAFETY, they charged me $365.22 as initial fees for the inspections of what are the parts that the motor home need to be.replaced.

This cost me almost $6000 dollars..! unbelievable! I told them to go slow as I can pay. They agreed with me and the following :
Windshield replacement
Calipers and brakes at the front
Oil change and filters
Tune up and everything included
Fixing the rear lights on one side.(they did not do it)

Final bill was of $ 1813.73
The motor home was ready last Friday and I went up to pick it up and found out that they could not start it for problems after the tune up….
I spoke to the Manager in charge and told them that I pay right now the final bill… and I did! while the mechanics tried to start it, but they told me to come back on Monday or Tuesday. The work was pending.
I phoned Tuesday (yesterday) and charged me another $436 dollars..

I flipped!! they said because it took them time to get it going….I explained that the work was paid already and this is part of what it was pending from the last week when I went to pay off….! and I am not going to pay this amount.. it is a robbing!!
This is something that the Ministry of Transportation should inspect this places, because, they charge per hour all what they want it without any control.
Their modality or style is: Leave your car here and we will call you when it is ready..! WHO knows How Much Time they spend in the fixes?

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Suggested solution:

I want to pay for the Alternator belt that cut off itself while they were trying to start it and I do not want to keep paying for their guessing or they mistakes.., it seems that they are digging in my pocket!! I want to take the Motor Home out of over there.

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