Complaint: Food wasn’t right neither was Bree the High ignorant manager

on 18 May 2019 about Taco Bell in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I USUALLY go to this Taco Bell at least for the last 40 days since my Mom passed an always got a nice cheesy Quesadilla. Last nite barely any cheese – so bring it bk an Bree the manager will not fix the situation has ppl n there working high which is why food isn’t made correctly. Some wkers did say please make her another one. But the other blk group of ppl were just saying ignorant stuff. Went to Wendy’s across the street they said 4 other customers came n complaining how Bree treated them as well. So it wasn’t me. There just to high to make food OUR do their jobs. This was a new crew. The old crew gave GREAT Survive. This was on May 17, 19 at 9:13p.m. I bought product had to drive bk Bree was like you have a receipt-I give it to her Bree says I ain’t doing anything for you after she puts her fingers in the Fd I brought bk. I did notify police they are doing weed while working at that location. Which is why the service is so horrible with Bree the manager.

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Put a manager in charge that if food is brought back because it wasn't made properly the manager will remake it. I didn't ask for money back YES I did eat a section an the more I ate it I couldn't finish it cause it was that bad an drove all the way back. Than Bree says your a hr gone. No I drove home walked my dogs went to eat an noticed the slop her team put TOGATHER for me . So drove back to get insulted by her all blk crew. An not everyone was EVIL the regular ppl who usually work there were nice. But this blk girl left a bad taste n my mouth. No manager should treat a paying customer so rudely. I hate when ppl just want money but won't work an act like your the problem when there the ones messing up. Bree said u always complain. This was my first time I ever complained an I hated being heckled by all her blk high friends in a Fd ESTABLISHMENT. WRONG Place - WRONG Person To Do It To.

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