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on 04 June 2019 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I have ordered from Dominos in Madison, Indiana many times over the last few months and I can not think of one time in which my food was either not right or late being a timed order. I called and complained only twice out of probably 15 or 20 and after the second time was told I was banned from getting free food because I have gotten too much. That was only the second time and I didn’t even get that, so I got it once. The issues have been multiple different things. Parmesan bread bites being dry with no garlic oil. Pasta being dry with no sauce. Pizza not having garlic oil on the crust. Time after time after time. As I stated, I didn’t even complain every time because I was afraid they would spit in my food. It is a bunch of young kids running the place and they clearly do not know how. I was told by a manager that I was getting 2 much free food. Apparently one 32 piece parmesan bread bit was too much. Well, if you don’t want to keep giving the same persona, or anyone in general, free food, how about making it right the first time. I have always loved Dominos, but will now never order from there again. I was treated treated very poorly and was lied to as she stated that corporate had started to complain, which I know for a fact is not true. Corporate would not know what customers were getting free food. I tried again today as a last ditch effort because I do love Dominos so much and got parmesan bread bites and again they were dry. Looked like there was no garlic oil on them. Just the cheese, which without the garlic oil to hold it on was basically all in the box. I think that corporate needs to know how the employees are treating the customers and they need to know that if this continues, they will loose a lot of business. I think the owners of that particular location in Madison, Indiana should know as well. Which i happen to know is the Wilson family. Hopefully they will see this. Not just me but a lot of other people are no longer going to order from Dominos because of my experiences over the last few months. Would be sad to see it close down due to lack of business because they hired children to run who have no business doing so.

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I think the actual owners should be made aware and I think there should be some sort of retribution or something to me for all the money I have spent on Dominos food that wasn't edible. Some was actually thrown away. The bread bites I did eat once because I had ordered a garlic dipping sauce with them, which is the only reason they were semi edible. The Wilson family depends on this business for their livelihood and it would be a shame if it closed due to lack of business from being poorly ran.

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