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Complaint from HeatherRegina on 25 August 2023 about Food Lion.

The managers are letting a bunch of homeless drug addicts hang out up at food Lion they leave trash they beg for money there's people up there doing drugs you can see it you can smell it there's urination all... Read more

Comments: 0

Wrongful termination

Complaint from awray on 21 August 2023 about Food Lion.

My Complaint is on the store manager Jessie he comes to work late every morning and he is filling in for Mike food lions store manager he knew that he was going to terminate I was working in some ones... Read more

Comments: 0

Deli selections

Complaint from Lewis1 on 14 August 2023 about Food Lion.

Why have you stopped offering pastrami and corned beef at the deli counter? Your store spoiled our dinner plans! Too often this store stops carrying some of our favorite items. This store is the only supermarket within 20 miles! Read more

Comments: 0

Rude Food Lion Employee Experience

Complaint from LAllison05 on 08 August 2023 about Food Lion.

I have a complaint to make on this day August. 7,2023. I was shopping at Food Lion located on 2226 Park Road in Charlotte, North Carolina 28203. I was ringing up my groceries with my two children and elderly mother.... Read more

Comments: 0

Customer NO SERVICE..........

Complaint from Doggin on 07 August 2023 about Food Lion.

I arrived at this establishment before 7:15 pm 08/02/2023. I went directly to the deli department and attempted to purchase fresh cut meat. I was told that the deli was closing early for some bogus reason. When I stated that... Read more

Comments: 0

Rude cashier on multiple occasions

Complaint from Lauren willoughby on 05 August 2023 about Food Lion.

On two occasions the first being about a month ago a cashier was very rude to myself as well as a customer in line in front of me. He had his items on the belt and she was the cashier... Read more

Comments: 0

Customer service manager

Complaint from Nicolesmith38 on 04 August 2023 about Food Lion.

The customer service manager is the most unprofessional, disrespectful, and most rudest person I’ve ever met. It literally makes no sense how she has this position. She ignores customers and her employees when they ask for help for a customer.... Read more

Comments: 0

Store temperature

Complaint from Chershu on 31 July 2023 about Food Lion.

The store was HOT, muggy, miserable to shop in. I felt so bad for the employees and shoppers. From what I understand, corporate has control of the AC. Being that yall are in NC, I know it is hot down there... Read more

Comments: 0

Overnight stockers and grocery manager

Complaint from fedup with it on 28 July 2023 about Food Lion.

The grocery manager and his overnight stockers never finish the truck on truck night and I am sick of having to do their work. They walking around doing nothing,on their cellphones and they put product in the wrong spot on... Read more

Comments: 0

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