Netflix Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers on the most common Netflix complaints, problems and questions. Do you have another problem? Or does Netflix’s default answer not help you out? Then you should file your Netflix complaint by clicking on the button below.

Most common Netflix questions and answers

How to enable subtitles on Netflix?

Go to settings in your menu and choose for ‘subtitles’ then select your preferred subtitle language.

Why can’t I download a Netflix video?

Not all titles on Netflix are available to download. This has to do with licensing. If you get an specific error, you should search on the error code.

How much does Netflix cost?

Most of the times the first month is completly free! After this period it depends on where you live and which plan. USA prices are: Basic $8.99 , Standard $12.99 or Premium $15.99.

Which Netflix shows are cancelled in 2020?

The following Netflix originals are cancelled in 2020 (updated 6/2/2020)

  • Messiah
  • AJ and the Queen
  • Spinning Out
  • Soundtrack
  • Marianne
  • Mortel
  • Osmosis

Can I contact Netflix by email?

Nope, Netflix does not have customer support by email. You can reach them by live chat and phone.

Does Netflix have Anims?

Yes they do! You should check out their Anim section.

How to fix Netflix error F7111-5059?

You are probably trying to watch Netflix through a proxy or VPN. Turn it off… or search for a VPN that is compatible with Netflix.

How to fix Netflix error 11800?

First check in your App Store if Netflix is updated to the latest version. If this is the case, or updating does not work, you should restart the device. This should clear any corrupted data that is causing Error 11800.

How to fix Netflix error M7111-1331?

This problem occurs when you are watching from a internet browser. Quick fix is to just download the Netflix APP. This error has most of the times something to do with an browser extension. Try to disable some extensions, or just watch through another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc.)

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