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on 29 May 2020 about John Player Cigarettes in category Tobacco / 420

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My complaint:

Today I purchased 60 JPS Players Green Superking cigarettes from my regular retailer, and was shocked when I lit one to find no menthol taste at all, in fact it was just like smoking a regular pkt. I double checked the label to make sure a regular packet hadn’t got mixed in, but no….there it was clear as day….JPS Players Green Filter Superkings. The title confused me, as normally it was simply JPS Players Green, then it became JPS Players Green Fusion. But they were always menthol cigarettes and had the familiar menthol flavour.

At first I was going to go back to the store, but I have mobility issues, and making another trip so soon would have been too painful, so instead I went online to learn more about the new title, and I was shocked to hear about the new menthol ban. What the hell!!! I can understand governments or whoever wanting to try to prevent younger people from taking up smoking, but why punish all of us who have been smoking for many, many years. Start with Vaping, because that comes in a miriad of different flavours and is much easy for young people or in fact anyone in general to get hold of. If someone is going to take up smoking they’re going to go for ANY flavour, not just I’m sure the call cigarette companies wouldn’t like it if all of a sudden there was a ban on ALL cigarettes.

So to get back to my issue, and that is the labelling. Total and blatant false advertising, and stores will not, except in the odd and rare occasion, offer a refund. The packaging clearly shows the words ‘green’ indicating MENTHOL, and not the alternative idea that somehow they are good for the environment. You should be lucky that all menthol smokers don’t ban together and take JPS to court for false and misleading packaging, because that is so tempting right now. Do NOT try to force me to quit smoking, it is something I will do in MY own time and if I WANT to. So JPS might as well switch the packaging to regular JPS Players because that is in face all that is inside.

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Suggested solution:

Either change all Menthol packaging to reflect that they are NOT in fact Menthol cigarettes, or continue to manufacture them. People are going to take up smoking no matter what flavour they get, and if they can’t get Menthol don’t be foolish enough to think that they’re just going to give up on the idea, they’re just going to try a different brand. Stop punishing the rest of us by giving us misleading and blatantly false packaging.

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