Complaint: Failure to repair the ac unit; just made it hotter!

on 24 June 2019 about Reliable Service Company in category Repair Services

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My complaint:

I hired Reliable to fix my air conditioner. There were here one full day and came back the next day to (as the man said) put a part in that he did not have with him and bring his manager back.
In the meantime, my themostate registered 92 degrees and stayed there until midnight! The next day, the same thing.
I am an elderly lady who previouosly suffered a heat stroke. I ‘TRUSTED Reliable to get my air back properly on but THEY FAILED! My house was extremely hot yet I had to suffer through it because Reliable failed to do their job.
When the two men returned the next day, they worked on the system and eventually said it was fine!!! I was charged over $726!!!!! The next day, the thermostat continue to rise to unbearable heat in this house.
The man told me the system was guaranteed (that was a joke).
Mad, yes, I am mad. Reliable ripped me off and knowingly knew the system was not properly fixed. The man told me of new unit. Okay. That was their lead to cause me to pay $7K or more for a new unit. This was a rip off. They knew the unit would collapse and I would be back into a hot house. Okay. They won!
What causes companies to take advantage of the elderly and a Black female? Is this the manner in which they operate when they are fully aware that coolcold air is needed and the customer is desperate in a very hot house.
They, however, did not fail in their push for me to purchase a new unit.
I cannot afford to fork out thousands because the a company failed to fix the unit. I firmly believe that this alleged reputable company purposely failed in not repairing my unit but did not fail to push the need for a new unit!
Yes, I am extremely mad (and very hot!). I wonder how many other elderly Black females they have conned into purchasing a unit that costs thousands when it cannot be afforded by the person and left the customer in a very hot, continuously getting hotter, house.
I do hope that other elderly Blacks and females read this complaint!

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