Complaint: Failure to refund money

on 13 November 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

On October 25 I pulled up to the store and I had someone approach me saying that they were stranded and begging to use my cell phone to call someone. I felt weird about it but I also felt bad, it was raining outside and it was a younger woman just like myself so I told her she would need to follow me into the store, and that she could make her call. I handed her my cell phone and she engaged me in conversation, I had a lot of my mind that day so I didn’t realize how long she had my phone. I noticed later that my cash app.. app was missing from my home screen. I knew instantly that something was wrong, I remained calm and re-downloaded the app, I quickly discovered that she sent herself my money. I immediately contacted cash app and I followed all of the necessary steps that were requested of me. I went back to the store, and I called the police, the store owner was nice enough to run the cameras and I filed a formal police complaint. I then sent cash app the police report number and they have failed to follow up with me. It is now November 13th and every time that I follow up with them I get the same generic response from a woman or machine named Kelly G. She says “I do not have any updates for you” and it takes her two days to provide that dead-end response. There is no number to call them and they just simply refuse to refund my money. I did research on my own and you can clearly see that the girl created a fake cash app account and I have a police report, and it was caught on camera and they still have failed to follow up with me regarding any information at all.

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Refund my money!

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