eDreams complaint: Edreams NEVER refunds customers

on 25 January 2023 about eDreams in category Travel

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My complaint:

On April 21, 2022, tickets were purchased for Brazil for December 9, 2022. Unfortunately, due to
personal circumstances, my family and I were unable to make the trip, so we had to cancel and ask for a refund. After several calls to eDreams on 1300 070 954, customer service kept saying that I should call Emirates to get a refund as the payment was made directly to the airline. I called Emirates several times to get the opposite answer where they tell me to call eDreams as the payment was taken by them. I opened a case with Emirates to investigate the status of cancelling my tickets plus refund (ID 7668) as they informed me that eDreams did not require cancellation and my booking is still open. In the many screenshots attached to this email, you can see cancellation and refund attempts when eDreams simply ignores them. They come with messages saying they would refund once the airline approves the return; however, no record is shown on Emirates of that query. Reviews on google show many people in the same situation as me asking for a refund and eDreams is doing nothing. Many of the complaints were made the same day I made mine. I would like my money back please as I am not able to lose more than 11k for something I am not getting at the end that is my trip. We pay more for the tickets to have the security of cancelling the trip if necessary and now we are finding ourselves in this position. We work very hard to simply lose this kind of money with no mercy. Even today 25.01.2023 I am still waiting and nothing has been done. I call the airline and they say no contact was made by eDreams for cancellation of my flight and request of refund.

Suggested solution:

Givin my money back! So many people are on the same situation. Is heartbreaking seeing everyone who works so hard having to go through this. Not fair!

Edreams NEVER refunds customers
Edreams NEVER refunds customers
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