Complaint: Dropping of a patient

on 12 December 2018 about WellSpan Health in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

First off this company does not have as nothing kn writing that if u miss appointments they drop u from seeing them any longer. My son got results back if having uclers and some other issues. They would schedule appointments without asking if it was a good day for him. Usually they weren’t because again without asking him they would schedule day were he was working day shift. He had told them he works swing shift and could only get there when he was on second and all they had to do was asked. They claim he missed 4 appearances that they scheduled for him. Again let me clarify that I know of 2 that he missed because he was working day shift and they scheduled those appointments without asking him if they were ok. And to clarify again, there if nothing in writing or nothing hanging in there office to say that if u miss so many appointments they will drop u as a patient.
In think this is rude as a business and a professional business because this is someone’s health, now they want him to find another specialist?.

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Suggested solution:

I would like them to reconsider there actions and figure another solution out. Like still sad the patient until he finds another one. Or better yet maybe call the patient and see when they are available for an appointment then assuming giving tg bg e an appointment when its convenient for them. I know doctors have other obligations that they need to attend to, but people do have jobs that they just cant take off because the office assumes that u are available that day.

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