Complaint: Driver for Uber eats

on 03 October 2021 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I have been driving for Uber eats for alittle over 2 months now. I’m almost a diamond member as a driver and have been working almost 10 hour shifts a day with breaks in between. I woke up this morning to my account saying it was “deactivated”. As I do more looking they said my background check came through and no longer wanted to move forward with me. Mind you I have been driving with them for over two months and my background has been completed for over a month now. The only way you are able to drive is if your background is complete. This doesn’t make any sense because I have no background in the state I’m in. I have some traffic tickets in another state but they were all taking care of years ago. My problem is that I have stopped working my current job to pursue this full time. They completely blind sided me with information that isn’t true. Didn’t give me a heads up or even ask me just terminated my account. I have a family I take care of.

Suggested solution:

I just want my account back so I can work again. They have no right stripping my employment when I have no background record in the state of California what so ever. Anything I did have in another state was taking care of. Also they completed my background check then made it seem like they didn’t once they terminated my account. I would like my account back and I will not pursue any further legal options to get it back.

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