Complaint: Discrimination of the Disabled and Elderly

on 03 April 2021 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am elderly and on SSD. My monthly payment is added to My direct express Mastercard at the beginning of each month. ATT is racking Me over the coals each month at $150.00 a month for very basic cable. So when I heard about discovery plus I thought it was going to be a real solution to the ATT problem and I could finally tell them where to put it. But as I soon discovered , discovery They are denying access because they will not accept payment with My direct express Mastercard .Direct express recently stopped supporting Pay Pal as well so beings I have no other credit cards to use for payment. So basically because I Am poor and disabled I’m being denied access .What are You really that concerned that You wont get Your $7.00 a month? I have other friends being denied for the same reasons. We have come to the conclusion that this is discrimination because of Our being on SSD

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Suggested solution:

Apologize set Me up with a gift subscription immediately until their payment system is corrected to accept My only payment method. Either that or We can get this into a court of law and see if a Judge agrees it is wrong to exclude Us for being on disability .

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