Complaint: Disable seating is for the disable stop ignoring us

on 10 February 2019 about Lextran in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

The bus was overloaded with hope center womens trying to get home in which it was standing room only but me and my friend is diaabke in which she wouldnt let us put the seat down xos a wheel chair was bout to get on and she let others sit in the seat for the disable in which it made me and my friend get off bus and wait for another bus to run in which it took 70 mins for the next. I just want to be treated fairly cos I’m disable and have bad knees in which im2 a fall risk. Elderly and disable seating should be availablw for us at all times cos i no that my complaint to lextran might get throw in the trash and no follow up thats why I’m filing a complaint with you all to. The date is 2-9-19 and it was the 3:30 outbound Versailles rd bus wirh a white lady driver. Thank you for your time.

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Suggested solution:

She made sure that the wheelchair got hooked up and that he was on the bus and ignore wanda and me. Bus drivers should make people move out of those seats offer for the disable and not ignore what the policy is concerning us. She might need to be taught again bout how to handle the suitation better next time

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