Complaint: Delivery Shambles – Order No – 3433272714

on 22 October 2020 about in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I placed my order on the 8th of October

On the 14th of October I got an email from Wayfair with the DHL tracking number saying my order had shipped and that I should receive it on the 21st of October.

Five days later, on the 19th, there was still no active tracking information. When I queried why I was assured that everything was in order, that I would hear from DHL and that I should indeed receive the shipment on the 21st.

On the 21st, the day the item was supposed to be delivered, the tracking information was still not available and I had received no communication from DHL. When I again queried why this was it emerged that DHL either couldn’t find the order or had never actually received it. So, despite me raising the issue two days earlier nothing at all had been done.

All of Wayfair’s communications on this issue have been poor and superficial and, it would appear, designed to just fob me off. When I should have been able to see some evidence that something was actually being done to resolve the issue I was instead told, on three separate occasions, about their process. There’s no evidence that any action was actually taken and their processes clearly don’t work.

This is my first order with Wayfair. Their products are expensive and, on this evidence, the service is poor. I don’t think I’ll be rushing back.

14 days after I placed the order and 8 days after I got the email saying it had shipped I got an email to tell me that they promised to find my ‘lost’ item within the next week (so, a full week after it should have been delivered and 3 weeks after it was ordered) and that if it wasn’t in perfect condition when they found it they would then reorder it at no additional cost to me !! What, I’ve already paid £150 for an item that they’ve lost and they’re offering to reorder it (3 weeks after the original order was placed) at no additional cost to me. I’m not sure I have the words to express exactly what I think about that. Absolute nonsense.

This is, without a doubt, the worst and most insulting, customer service I have ever experienced.

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