Fox Sports complaint: Davis is Awful

on 22 January 2023 about Fox Sports in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

JOE Davis is an awful biased commentator. His job is not to cheer for his favorite team. That’s all he did last night during the GiantsEagles game. He started putting Daniel Jones (DJ) on a pedestal and did the entire game. Every reference was about how great DJ played in just one game against the Vikings. He gave very little positive comment about Hurts in the game that was being played. Bottom line that Hurts played great last night, even with an injury and Jones was awful last night. Simple as that. Commentary on a previous game to make your preferred QB sound better was unprofessional and showed Davis obvious bias. Give me a break!! Why does he have a job! I could care less about who he likes as a team. His job is to commentate on the game playing. Awful, awful, awful. He’s not a rising star, he’s a pompous ass!!

Suggested solution:

Fire him!

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