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on 09 April 2019 about Philip Morris in category Tobacco / 420

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My complaint:

I recently bought 2 packets of Bond Street cigarettes from my local supermarket. I usually buy another brand but decided to try them as they were slightly cheaper. Although there was the added bonus of being able to break the menthol ball to change the taste of the cigarette if I so wished I was deeply unsatisfied with this product. I came across several problems.
1) The tobacco was packed loosely
2) The cigarette did not stop burning at any point throughout the smoking of it even if I wasn’t dragging on it. As is by Australian standards, cigarettes are supposed to stop burning at 2 points when it is being unattended or not smoked. This is extremely dangerous not only contributing to unnecessary fires but also puts people at risk of losing their lives.
3) The cherry (burning part at the tip) kept coming off whenever I tapped the cigarette to ash it. Thus causing me to have to relight it time time again. This is inconvenient frustrating. It also increases the cost to the consumer by having to buy lighters because of continual relighting issues wastes lighter fluid.
4) The cigarette itself tasted rather acrid unpleasant I found no enjoyment in smoking this brand.

I will never buy this product again. I also believe that this product needs to be tested against Australian Standards for safety purposes. A rather unpleasant poorly made product.

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Suggested solution:

I would like the Australian Tobacco Regulation to look further into this matter. I have also contacted the manufacturer themselves to explain what a dangerous poor product they sell. It poses real risk-fires potential loss of life because the cigarette does not extinguish automatically (Australian Standards require 2 points in all cigarettes to self extinguish for prevention of fire). It also costs the consumer more because of the unnecessary lighter fluid wastage of having to relight the cigarette because the cherry (burning tip of the cigarette) keeps falling off when I tap it to ash it. And the product was very unpleasant not enjoyable at all.

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