Complaint: Damaged goods and a run around

on 31 December 2018 about Argos in category Retail Company

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My wife ordered a workout bench for me for christmas. The box was clearly opened before but was re taped and only had one small hole in it. The Saturday after Christmas i decided to open it up and take a look. There were no rips on the cushions and there were no dents or chips on the metal bars so I decided that it was fine and put it together. After fixing it all up i found out that there was one bolt missing. So I went to the instructions to see what size bolt and what size nut it took. There was a small set of instructions all in chines. So the English version of the instructions were missing as well. I called the argo s store in Blackwood Wales. wich is were it was ordered from. After about five minutes of this and that I was transferred to another department because the item was fast tracked. After more questions asked of me they said that the order had been cancelled and the money returned. And they had no explanation as to why I received the fast tracked order three days late. But there it was. There solution was to come and retrieve the item and I would need to go to the store and order another. I told them that I would check the bank statement online and call them back. My wife and I checked. There was no cancellations no moneys returned to the bank.So I called the local store back. I had a very similar conversation with the second person although they said they could not get threw to the fast track people so he would have them call me right back. After an hour and a half waiting i called them back. Being as the store would be closing soon and tomorrow is new years day and the store would be closed then as well. Now the third person gave me the same run around as the other two. He couldn’t switch me to the fast track so he would try to help. You shouldn’t have it, it was cancelled. No it wasnt. You were refunded. I told him No. We checked with the bank. No refund. Well he says if you don’t want us to pick it up then you can take it to the store yourself and try to exchange it there. I told him that my legs were messed up and I couldn’t take the walk up the steep hill. Back and fourth with a relatively heavy, large and awkward box. You know what it’s like to park there and get to the store. He said no, I am no where near there. So my complaint is that they took three days to deliver a fast tracked, paid for item that had been opened and returned and was missing pieces and paperwork. There solution was to come and take it away without replacing it and make me walk to a store that I cannot get to. Even with my wheel chair. And buy another item that we had all ready paid for.

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I want a proper sized nut and bolt to fix an item that my wife paid for. Also all of the paper work, directions and warranty cards. Everything that we paid for. Also when you call the local store to discuss an issue the person you talk to should be local.

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