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on 02 March 2022 about Aldi in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I have been cursed, flipped off, while giving my cart to another customer as I had few things, was tild I was rude because the SAME person as above had put my few things in the cart. I filed complaints. Waited a while. Then beeded groceries so I thought I would see if anythong had changed. It got worse.
I went to the restroom, then needed to get a FEW things but too many to carry. There were carts connected by the chain and coin apparatus against the wall, with no sign over them. I put my quarter in as I needed one. When I started to then use it, a DIFFERENT employee, SAME STORE, told me that cart was for the registers. I shared there were no signs, and she said I was not to use it anyway.
I showed her my long list, then told her keep the cart, walked out!!!! Went to Walmart and spent $200 for our 4 weeks of staples.
Do NOT excuse, defend, or try to give logic. Aldi doesn’t care. Repeat performance of this kind of behavior!!!!! Inexcusable,

Suggested solution:

Change managers, different workers, as they know who I refer to, letter in my mail box of apology, and gift card.

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