Complaint: Too many invasive selfies required

on 13 April 2022 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I have a small account with and many other financial accounts, some with crypto currency in them. I changed my phone number months ago but their system would not accept the change. Every time I ask them to change it, they require selfie with a code I write and hold up along with my name and date. I understand that may be needed on rare occasions, but 4 times in one month, just for them to change my phone is way too ridiculous and invasive.

I might be ok with the selfies if the company would just solve my simple issue as a phone change to a number in the same area code. After 4 selfies, including one with my driver’s license, and a month of time, the change is still not done. How difficult is it to type 6 digits to change my ? It wasn’t this difficult to make the same change on my 4 bank accounts, Robinhood, Acorns, MetaMask, XE money transfers, and every other account I have. None of them required selfies. This is even more invasive than the USA IRS E-Verify system, and USA passport applications.

Now I’m at the point where I see no point in making invasive selfies for them not to get anything done. Since I already did it 4 times and I’m still locked out, I doubt that the 5th, 6th, or 100th selfie will make any difference in their levels of incompetence.

During my lockout, I missed many opportunities to make huge profits on investments, as much as $30k over the past few days.

Suggested solution:

They should just change my phone number as I’ve been asking them to do, without any further invasion of my privacy and time sending selfies. Once they complete that very simple task, they should add at least $10k to my account for my troubles and missed opportunities.

If they can’t just do something simple as changing my phone , they should take me off if 2-factor phone verifications, so I can just log in with user and password.

If none of that can happen, the company should be charged with theft of the money held hostage in my account. This company should be out of business for these invasive and deceptive practices that hold peoples’ money hostage when they stop complying.

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