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on 16 November 2018 about Wells Fargo in category Financial Services

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My platinum credit card was closed by Wells Fargo
I’m in a wheelchair and was also having cancer treatment at the time just before the card was turned off I was very sick and forgot about the card the card was still on when I finally got ahold of them and I mean when I called them there machine said it couldn’t take calls from my number it was crazy.i found out that they where sending all my statement to the wrong address for 2 years when I finally talk to them they told me not to do the payment over the phone to go to the bank and I told her that it will be very difficult for me to go to the bank because I’m in a wheelchair and I don’t necessarily have anyone to take me so I would try to make it to the bank when I got there it wasn’t till Saturday I know I talked to them on Thursday I’d tryed to get there on Friday but couldn’t make it there till Saturday I didn’t have the credit card with me so they would not take the payment I went back after I got the card on that Saturday and realize they close at four it was crazy so I want to go back on Monday now guess what Monday was a holiday for the bank which was Columbus ’ Day Monday was the day they turn the card off it was October 8 th we were there on Tuesday the ninth and by the time it was turned off and they still gave us the wrong amount to pay now when I found out about it I’ve called them and told them what happened they keep saying oh well it is too late one day it wasn’t my fault I told them I’m in a wheelchair and I would not be able to make it there most likely that I would like to make the payment over the phone because of them not doing the payment over the phone not only causing me to have them close my account but refuse to turn it on even a hardship situation and by this time I’ve already made payments even after I knew the card was turned off in good faith they still have not had any responsibility I think they should turn my card back on and allow me the benefit of the doubt that they were the ones that cause this just by going back and listening to the conversation should clear it up and I made payments of $208 and had intentions of making more payments this month these guys talk to you very cold and act like everything is your fault I’ve been with Wells Fargo for over 25 years it’s crazy to think that they treat me this way

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I want my credit cards turn back on on the way it was and I’d like to have an apology for what they did

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