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on 30 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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Needed windsheild wipers went an checked out FD prices didn’t know what size I needed went to do the rest of my errands went to Walmart their wiper were more expensive went back to family Dollar took the time to download their app because they had a coupon offer in their app part of the sign hanging in front of the wiper blades so I drove back to family Dollar sat in the parking lot downloaded their app went into purchase the item couldn’t find it in their coupon app ask the manager brought it over to the sign in front of the wiper blades and she took it off ripped it up and said oh that was last week’s.and I said well I kind of took the time to drive back here and download your app because the sign in front of the wiper said I could get them at this price and she turned and walked away from me so I assumed we were going to the register so she could adjust the amount which she did not. She just ignored the sign in front of the item and just discarded it in front of me after I took the time to drive back there for the second time and download there app. I guess she never heard of customers always right false advertisement is a big sign in front of what I wanted to purchase telling me how to get that item take the time to do it.. so rather than make the adjustment on the item she would rather get the manager complaint and bad reviews on the store because now I’ll be deleting the app. And probably continue not to shop in there cuz there’s nothing more annoying when you’re at the register and two people speaking a different language so you can’t understand them. Right in front of you and then not give you the price that’s advertised needless to say I woke up this morning and it was snowing out and I have no wiper. Guess it’s better to pay a little extra and have somebody install it for you

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Suggested solution:

Need to teach the manages that custom is always right and if there is an advertisement in front of an item then they should honor it and make a price adjustment. And to never never communicate in front of a customer with other employees in a language we don't understand .wish I had taken a picture of the coupon in front of the sign it was so rude how she just ripped it down crinkled it up like it was never there she's definitely should have honored it considering I told her I made a special trip back to the store and downloaded the app to get this item because of the sign in front of it.

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