Costco complaint: Very bad service and confrontational.

on 15 August 2022 about Costco in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I pulled in at the gas filling station for gas get some gas because I was very low and planned to stop there for refueling. About 20 miles before I got a dash indicator came on my car which indicated that my car battery wasn’t charging. So I pull up to pumps the attendant said I needed to shut my car off. I.explained that I was sorry but I couldn’t shut my car off because it would not turn back on. After trying to explain the situation to the young lady three times she became very impowered and told me that I would not be getting any gas there that day. I ask if they would call a manger so I could try and get help. I was told there was no managers that I could talk to. At this point I was getting desperate I didn’t have a clue how much longer my car was going to run and I still had to find a parts house to have it checked. I told if they would not pump my gas I would. I open my gas tank and placed the cap in the cover holder. While I was inserting my cards the female attendant walked up replaced my cap and shut my cover. As I reached for to open my cover she started to shut it. At this point I conveyed very earnestly it was not in her best interest to touch my car again.
So I started pumping gas and low and behold 2 managers appeared and informed me I couldn’t do what I was doing. I tried to explain to them the situation and even let them view my dash screen. At which point on ask me how I knew the car wouldn’t start. I explained that the only other time that that message had appeared my battery had died. I finished pumping and one of the managers pointed to a pets place down the street I thanked the manager and drove away. Subsequently it was not my battery but my alternator and my car quit as the guy was checking it about 7 min after I left.

Suggested solution:

If a manager had been called when I ask to speak to one this would have been settled a lot quicker. The female attendant was to eager to impose her will on a customer rather than listen and help a customer who’s in distress.

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