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on 03 November 2020 about Costco in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I was shopping for instacart at this location for the first time. Nearly took me 2 hours to complete all of my orders a top of having no service to properly use the app resulting in me having to step out several times, stepping aside of the line, leaving my cart and returning (a few times). I finally was able to check out one order but the 2nd order I had had an expired membership card. The cashier was VERY VERY abrupt, grabbing the items that were PAID for along with the items with the expired membership and as if I had done something wrong myself, asked for another employee to come and void the transaction immediately. I told him i would call the customer and see what was going on. He assured me the cart would be put to the side and there when I returned but he might not be back because he will be on break but will let the next cashier know the situation. I said okay. I stepped out again,but to my dismay when i came back the entire Cart was GONE. When i had asked 2 employees and the same cashier, that was at the time behind a computer, where he placed my cart. I saw the employees squabble back and forth about it, clearly showing that the cashier had NOT told any one he would be leaving this cart that was half paid for and 100% still in use. I was patronized and instigated by another employee whom acted like he wanted to resolve the issue but had told me to stop wasting time and just shop for the items again. but i explained to him (many, many times…) that I have already done so and was ready to complete the transaction and to resolve the issue the emplees should at least look for the cart by paging other staff members. He lied saying he didn’t have the ability to do so. I have never in my life seen such a disfunction, disrespectful, unacceptable, group. The cashier came foward with his mistake and claimed it was a small miscommunication because the store was busy but just went away on break instead of following through with the problem. This entire trip could have been resolved then and there, and the customers would have gotten their groceries shortly after but instead to add insult to injury the staff had just ignored me as if I would go away.

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Suggested solution:

Provide better training for your employees.
Do not allow them to disrespect customers nor instacart shoppers (I wouldn't recommend a store with these qualities to anyone! even if i am shopping for another)
Get wifi in the stores!!
I lost money by employees stealing my customers' cart; a gift card would suffice for my financial loss.

As proof of the disfunction: check cameras of this location around 3pm.

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