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Hernando police refused to take my report , DeSoto County charge my daughter with simply salt and judge requesting an order for her to a locked up can Juvenile Detention Center without allow me to pick her up and take her home, it is always coming that they always play black children in detention centers without allowing them to have a equal I want to DeSoto County Juvenile Center tried to get my daughter into the police station I was very rude and disrespectful by this comment my family have been a target for many years. Have multiple kids on bus stated that either girl physically did not hurt straight bus driver or themselves other kids separated the girls police officers will called out on the saying requesting that bus driver and the law enforcement of DeSoto County Schools to lock them down….rights as Citizens in DeSoto County Mississippi. Do not give any paperwork to me request to give information of the reason why my daughter was being incarcerated by the Detention Center in Hernando Mississippi. Detention Center judge a coordinator stated we do not have paperwork you have to come back in the morning to get your child she got to stay here court ordered by judge every kid that have a disagreement for I have a fight do not be placed in detention center within DeSoto County School System bad call bad judgment put my family not in the stress mode knowing that my daughter is away from home not in my care

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The racist see it needs to stop and DeSoto County of Mississippi court system DeSoto County School System needs to stop placing all black children in detention center. The kids have bigger better opportunities and stop labeling them or making files against them just to keep the job security when there\'s multiple jobs that there should be eliminated based on state budgeting I just saying once again targeting these children having them what files to make them have negligence on behalf of moving on when they feature to have them stressed out mentally physically and emotionally that is not right something needs to be done DeSoto County State Mississippi law enforcement

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