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on 17 March 2019 about Clinique Pasteur in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

My name is Kelly I recently come to tunis for a operation at what I believed was a very good hospital. I went to the clinique pasture for tubal ligation reversal so I could have a child. I did my homework and chose you’re beautiful country to have my surgery. The clinique seemed nice and clean up to high standards and I spoke to the clinique mamager who put me at ease as I was scared but wanted a child so much I put my total trust into there hands. I had my surgery on the 3rd Sept 2018. After surgery I did not see the surgeon again however he told my partner surgery was successful and my tubes were open I could try after my second cycle for a baby. After 3 moths nothing happened so I asked my doctor to send me for a check over here in the UK and they told me it’s sad news you’re tubes are still blocked. I was devastated and upset I had drove myself and my partner mad thinking we could conceive and all the time I thought we could get pregnant. I contacted the hospital to ask for a explication of what happened they failed to respond.
Because of my age it was my only chance and they have took that away from me. I had checks to make sure I could get pregnant before my operation and there were all positive results there would of been no reason I couldn’t of gotten pregnant had my tubes had been fixed properly. And just to let you understand I did contact a specialist and was told that every 100 people 94 of them will have at at least one tube open after surgery and the other 6 will not due to incorrect surgery or making them worse.
I’m asking you to for your help as I habe come thousands of miles put my total trust into the hands of the clinique and they have let me down.
Can you help me please. I will be happy with the money I spent on the surgery and the money I spent coming to Tunisia so we can at least have a chance of trying ivf. I worked hard for the money I spent and my partner does not work at the moment because he’s been sick.
I did it on my own and I have suffered negligence by the clinique pasture.
I habe had no explanation no. Apologies nor a refund on the money I spent on the surgery and the cost of having to stay in Tunisia a week while I healed.

Kind regards

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I would like an. Apologly I would like the 2500 I spent going to and having the surgery in tunisia because no matter what they do. Or do not do I will have to live with the outcome for the rest of my life. They have took away all the hopes we had. I\'ve. Paid for a service I never received. And to be ignored is disgusting it makes Tunisia look like a place not to be trusted.

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