Complaint: Childguard drug test not fda approved

on 30 August 2019 about Childrens Division in category Government Services

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My complaint:

This testing laboratory is the only one in country that uses this test. Besides not being fda approved it is not accurate. The missouri childrens division used this test and took my children who have been in fostercare going on 17 months now. The results of this test is the sole reason the children are in fostercare. 8 of my nieces and nephew. 4 were given a different drug test and the results were negative for drugs. 3 were given this childguard drug test and all 3 were positive for drugs. All 7 children were living in the same home. This test supposedly tests for enviromental exposure. No one else does this test to be able to compare how accurate it is. A judge dismissed charges and returned children because it wasnt fda approved in another case and returned the women’s children and all charges were dismissed. Not in our case though even though It was the same judge and same childcare test! It shouldnt be used by childrens divisions as evidence to take children from their families.

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Suggested solution:

I want this lab to stop using this test and the results for childrens divisions. It is not FDA approved and the results are not accurate. And I want missouri Childrens Division to not be allowed to use it, or any cps, dcfs, in any other state to use it.

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