Complaint: cashier would not sale me rung up items

on 14 January 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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today is Jan 13th, 2021. I entered the family dollar store around 445pm to see that they still had Christmas items on the shelves for sale. I got 5 items that were regular price of $1 each. There was no clearance sign of these christmas items and the percentage off , like normal stores have. So when I got to register I asked the lady how much was the items off. She says to me thst they are marked down really cheap. She rings up the first item and says to me, well it is ringing up a penny but I cannot sale it to you for a penny. I said well thats the ring up price it is saying. She rudely says to me, as she is grabbing a resess candy bar from the front of the register, that she can ring up that candy bar for $1, and sale 2 of the marked down items for the price of candy bar and she keeps the candy bar. . Thats the craziest thing I have ever heard. I have worked in retail for 27 years and have never heard of such . She rudely says and getting louder that she can not sale the items for what it is ringing up. I told her then I dont want the items. She takes and throws the items down on the back behind the register. She still cannot come up with any reason why she can’t sale me the rang up items for the price they are ringing up. If there is a problem with sealing items that ring up for a penny they should be removed from the store floor. Not be a rung person about any of it. But I know as a person in retail sales and as a customer that whatever the item rings up is the price it would be sold for. Its not about the items I couldnt purpose, because she wouldn’t sale them to me, its the point of her being as rude as she could be. Im sure im not the first they have done it to and want be the last because of the store having lots of these items on floor. This women needs to understand that there was no need in being as rude and hateful as she was. I will never shop at this store ever again and I will make it a goal in my life to spread the word to everyone I see about the incident that just occurred today at family dollar. It was very wrong. Anyone knows that the price a item rings up is the price it sales for. And to actually say the candy bar she can ring up will be hers. Sounds to me she just wanted a free snack. Craziest thing I have ever heard. I hope you will check into this matter and put a stop to the store doing this to people.

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Sale the items for the price they ring up like any other store. Dont be a rude person to the customer, and don't steal a $1 candy bar for your snack that u can't afford. Im so mad about this today that I can hardle stand to even think about it. She needs her job taken from her most diffently. Rudest lady I have ever met

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