Complaint: Cancelation of my 2 year contract to eliminate, $52 credit arrangement did 2 years

on 10 August 2019 about Dish Network in category TV Providers

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I filed a complaint against dish , and I got a call from a man named Dave, no last name no job title, just the division he was calling from.
As you will see, from a text that dish sent me , and with no courtesy call, or a chance to make something right that I had no idea happened, there was a bank error and my check wasn’t paid good happened at the beginning of July, my service got shut off at the end of July ,with my only resolution was to pay the balance due for the renaming months on the contract, I loose a 2 year $40 credit , and a 2 year $12 credit because I want supposed to be charged and the $40 credit was for a internet service that was quoted to me @ $9 a month , and the resolution I settled with the person when it happened was $40 for two years it was an amount that was lower cost than the cost dish would have been out ,if I had pushed the issue and made them honor the agreement since I was o a recorded line .my service was not just interrupted, with no notice , in less than one billing period and I have a perfect payment history I was canceled, and o car I found out that the check had in fact been returned, because my bank said it was paid , my newest bill said it was paid and as you see Friday my attachment in this complaint that I recurved a text saying I didn’t owe anything.
I was offered my full package back but at full price and no credits which the $40 credit was a settlement a verbal one but instead of dish bring out so much if they did honor the Internet agreement I took the credits and it is for two years if dish thinks there is money owed not including June and July bill, it’s to me for canceling a contract without cause , and the $40 doesn’t go away I
Owed that refund . Hi and I’m a military service connected disabled veteran, they know this because I got a military discount, and the level of discrimination, misrepresentation from day one , and trying to get me to pay full price as the only resolution to an issue that would have been resolved Immediately, because not inly did my bank misinform me looks like fish got it wrong yo because the proof I e submitted shows they sent me a text saying I don’t owe anything but the canceled my contract it say interrupted , but it was canceled.

All I’m asking for is for my original contract to be put back in place with my credits, I will bring the account current , and that’s it , I am also filing a discrimination complaint with the Americans with disabilities act, the better business bureau and the department of Veterans Affairs who monitor instances like this , then I am writing dish directly to there board of directors, with copies of my complaints , I will ask for arbitration resolve the money I’m owed then I will file a separate civil suite for violating my civil rights and by blatantly discriminating against me taking advantage of the limited matters I’m able to handle without help from my care person. If my contract isn’t reinstated, or reasonable resolution to this I will bring f it to the attention of my attorney general dish can’t just cancel a contract without cause because they want to eliminate a credit or change the terms , there has to be a reasonable attempt to reconcile an issue and you can see from the text I got ftom dish saying I didn’t owe anything they had no grounds to cancel my contract or highjack my money owed to me in installments of $40 a month for two years with 8 months remaining
Thank uoh

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Reinstate my contract as it was with my credits kept in place $40 and $12 that were added amending the contract to give me a lower price guarantee, and I will immediately Bring my account current

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