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on 14 August 2019 about Bush in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I brought a cooker October 2018 5 months after having it it broke we phoned bush told them what had happend thay told us what was wrong wich was the element thay ordered the part and within a week had an engineer come out and fix it great, well another 5 months down the line it broke again same thing again my partner phoned bush told them it was the same thing wrong again said thay would order the part and be with us a week and a half engineer came out to day asked us what was wrong told him and that my partner had phoned and said thay would send some one out with the part no part has been ordered now have got to wait another week we have 3 children we can’t cook anything we have had to live on take always wich cost between £20 and £30 a day now have to spend more because thay didn’t order the part we have never had a cooker brake as much as this one, partner as justed phoned me and said she’s spoken to bush and the woman she spoke to was very rude and said if she didn’t like what was said to her speak to Argos as we have already thay say speak to bush I’m fed up with it being lied to by bush saying thay don’t order parts until engineer as been out and looked at the cooker but when it 1st broke thay order the part even before the engineer came out when he did come out he had the part and it was fixed in ten minutes so why are we being told different now and being spoke to like we are like something on the bottom of bushes shoes not happy can’t even feed our kids all the food we brought has had to be thrown away to be honest bush should apologise to us and compensate us for all the money we have had to spend because someone can’t do there job, if I don’t hear from bush I will be going to the local paper!!!

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I want it to be fixed when we were told it would be not being lied to by one person after another, we’ve had to spend £20 to £30 a day on takeaways to feed ourself and our children from the 7th of August it’s now the 14th and now we’ve been told it could take another 1-2 weeks to get the part and get it fixed we’ve already spent around £175 on takeaways and will have to spend more until it’s fixed this just isn’t on, and bush should at least apologise and Ofer us some kind of compensation.

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