Complaint: Disrespectful customer service by staff

on 08 July 2020 about Booker Wholesale in category Wholesaler

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There is a lady called Sue who works at Booker Mansfield on Hermitage Lane. She works inside the cash counter, I had 4-5 trollies of items from the cash and carry that had been scanned through the tills and I was taking it through the door one by one and filling it in to my van. When I came to take the last trolly Sue was in the cash office and ran out and asked me Are you taking your trolly? I said Yes, this is my trolly I have my invoice in the van. Then she proceeded to ask me, Where is a trolly that was here? I said Thats not my job I don’t know where it is. She then banged her cash room door and shouted at me in a rude and disrespectful manner. I then proceeded to tell her You can check the cctv. Just as I said that the customer who had actually taken the trolly came over and said she’s taken the trolly. Sue didn’t apologise to me when she should off. This is not how staff should treat their customers, especially when they spend a lot of money on your business. Moreover, the other staff and customers that were their was stood watching so this was extremely embarrassing for me when she shouldn’t of reacted this way to something that doesn’t concern me. Also, at this particular branch the past few months the customer service has been horrendous. I urge you to sort this out as soon as possible. This incident happened today, the 8th of July 2020 at approximately 11:30-12pm. In addition, the past 3 months there hasn’t been a manager at the store. There is also another staff member there who’s name is John, I don’t know he’s sir name, but I can say he has a beard. When certain products that are hard to get come back in stock he hides these particular products and only gives it to customers that he likes. I’ve seen this myself and confronted him where he replied back rude. This leads me to suspect are the staff members accepting bribe? I shop for 2 businesses at this store and spend over £25,000 per month. I’ve tried to be patient however, I cant be patient with this any longer.

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I expect a apology and also better customer service. I don't want to see staff favouring customers instead making products that are available for ALL customers.

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Booker Wholesale

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