Complaint: Bleed off air Engines not maintained 2005 as designed by Alaska airline’s

on 29 August 2019 about Alaska Airlines in category Airlines

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I was on a flight in 2005 and became very ill. On the flight I was sick. After landing I was sick in Baggage. Claim restroom.
I was in restroom for quite sometime using. Cold towels on my head sick to stomach pain in my body with fatigue.
Went onto work for the week just thinking some type of immune system probley. I was sick all week experience experiencing sleep paralysis I believe it was but in all actuality found out sleep paralysis only last minutes and actually I laid on the bed for over 45 minutes was aware everything around me I couldn’t get up or move.
On arriving home I purchased Air Borne and other products to take over the counter.
A couple weeks of being home I made Doctors appointment. I was admitted into the Hospital for heart to be checked. Really nothing found.
I continued to have all kinds of pain and body like nerve problems not sure.
Was made appointment for UCSF to get evaluated at that point Doctor asked me when I felt this sickness. I said on plane flight just before taking off.
The rest of my last 16 years has been being very sick and pain which started in my arms to the rest of body. Then my mind started acting up to where teaching I could not teach any more.
During a TV news I watched Boeing Dirty little Secret. It went on to say smelled like dirty socks smell. I remember smelling that smell. I always boarded first. Because of HANDICAP artificial hips. I abslouty remember smell.
Contacted Attorney in Seattle and she said she really believes I had a toxic air syndrome experience but the time line passed..

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Would like Boeing or Alaska Air to PAY me out claim money to enjoy my life after being struck ill by their Aircraft Bleed Air System.
I am not Greedy person. This toxic air syndrome has already cost me $500k at least. With losses to my retirement date 082020.
Would like compensated to live comfortable until my death.
I am know by now my body is damaged. The extra money would help. I have worked all my life. Good life. The money would make it so I can take my family on outings and trips which they lost iut6 on all the years I was sick my family destroyed suffered.

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