Complaint: Binance sent Tokens to Wrong ACCOUNT – LOSS $10,000

on 05 June 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

On April 16, 2021 I sent from my Metamask wallet (M1) 3.76 nrvETH tokens that I had not unwrapped to my Binance ETH account. I should had converted the nrvETH to ETH it was a mistake but I had given my pass words to a person pretending to be a Nerve Finance Support Agent. They stole my BNB from M1 but I managed to send the 3.76 nrvETH to Binance but did not unwrap

I explained everything to Binance support on 16 April and asked them not to send tokens back to M1 but to a new M2 so I could unwrap.

They agreed to send to M2 – I agreed to pay with BTC

On 7 May they tried to send to M2 but it failed

On 16 May they sent tokens back to M1 without my knowledge and no email – no nothing from them.

On 31 May I find my tokens on M1 – hacked wallet

On 31 May I transfer small BNB to transfer the tokens to safe M2 but the scammers had put a script on the account and they steal them.

Binance support have been useless and cost me $10,000

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Suggested solution:

Repay my Binance account with $10,000, or 3.76ETH or BNB to the value of my loss

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