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on 07 April 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

All started before we got into the store. I, my husband and my 7 years old boy wanted dominos pacific veggie pizza. After we opened the store’s door, we heard employees arguing yelling at each other saying all kinds of bad words such shit, fuck…on front of my 7 years boy who wanted to order the pizza by himself, but after all I suggested my husband stepped out of the store with my son because we don’t want him to listen to that weird employees conversations. After we placed the order, we have been asked to wait 20mn. After the order was ready, I asked my son to wear his mask on to go inside the store to pick his order since he didn’t had a chance to place the order hoping everyone is calme. Because I didn’t pay attention my son asked me why should have to wear a mark since all those employees didn’t wear theirs properly? I was shocked ended up saying these are the rules and CDC guidelines we have to respect each other. Checking my order, and it was done wrong the pizza doesn’t looks like the one we ordered missing tomatoes. I asked why, she said we don’t have tomatoes. I said you should tell me that when you took my order. The employee wasn’t nice at all she said you can leave the order and get your refund. At point my husband started recording the conversation. I requested to talk to the store manager and found out that I am speaking to manager named Emily. Then I was so upset because she was rude offering me to leave the order and get refund. I told her that I drove 13 miles and my son wants his pizza did ask for refund. I asked her if I walked into the store without mask she will kick me out, and she said of course yes. At that point I can’t take her, I asked her why her and most of her employees didn’t wear their masks properly following the CDC guidelines poster that was posted on the waiting area, she should tell me that they don’t have tomatoes not waited until i checked my order and started ignoring my questions. One employee from the back threatening us by calling the police if we don’t stop recording. Recording for records is not prohibited I answered my husband said it’s okay she can call the police, I asked for the domino’s customer service number and she said we don’t have in the store you can look for it online. I would love to call the police too, but my only concern don’t want to expose my 7 years to a police interview repeat all the shit that he heard. I decided to contact your costumer service and I would love you to watch these videos we recorded to see what kind type of people handling your stores. This is a diverse society with different cultures we should respect each other.

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Suggested solution:

First, answer my son's question why should I wear a mask since most of the store's employees didn't wear theirs properly?
Second, Emily needs to apologize for been rude to my son who was disappointed with wrong order and and misbehaving adult saying all the shit in work place.
Third, refund my order
If I don't hear from you within a week, I will call the Media to have my son's emotional justice resolved.

Comment by poster of the complaint Massi-a

2 months ago - I filled a claim, and I never heard back from them. It seems like they don't care about neither customer or business just profit.

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