Complaint: Fraudulent activities of Bank of America that resulted ruining my credit report for 10 years.

on 23 September 2021 about Bank of America in category Banks

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My complaint:

It all started in April 2020 when I discovered fraudulent checks being paid from my checking account without notification from the bank. Checks were printed at the bank with the same set of 100 numbers I ordered. I should have been notified on the first 3 electronic checks issued in one day in February 2020 but 5 electronic checks continued to be paid in March 2020 and one in April 2020. A physical check of over $1424 was caught by an honest bank employee. I complaint verbally about this and the bank began ruining my credit up to the present time. I was negative of $888,888.00 in my account, I received notifications that I have insufficient funds in my account (although I am a platinum account holder), that I only have $25 in my account. I received notifications from the bank that they closed two of my accounts for delinquent payments and one account was reduced to a very low $500 minimum credit limit. My autopays were sent back to merchants for insufficient amounts so that I have to pay interest and return fees. One merchant put me into Collections for an auto pay that was sent back by the bank for insufficient funds. This account was reported to CRA by the bank, delinquent for over 180 days. Another account was reported to CRA by the bank, delinquent for over 180 days. This is a payment I made that was put away that incurred late payments and interest in 2020 till the present. The bank made this illegal unconscionable acts to ruin my credit from a score of 820 to 600.
Last July 2021 the bank put me into collections for $1,686 and I refused to pay. I told the agent that this is Fraud. It was made and created by the bank. My accounts are closed and all paid for and I am not responsible for their crime. I disputed the negative credit reports from CRA but the bank reported it is correct report.

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Suggested solution:

The bank should take out the 'negative' over 180 days delinquent payments on two accounts from my credit reports.

The bank should pay me the funds I paid for the auto pays that was returned for insufficient funds, resulted in interest and returned fees.

The bank should pay me for pain and suffering. I went into depression, was mentally, emotionally and physically affected. It has impacted on my job applications.

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2 weeks ago - Complaint is solved by Bank of America

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