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on 02 January 2019 about Hayner Public Library in category Public Buildings & Spaces

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My complaint:

I was in hayner libary in Alton illionis when I got a phone call from my family my phone was on silent it made no noise I answered it to tell the party hold on I was getting up to go out side I was ask by a manager to leave cause I was on my phone across the entire room was a manager talking so loud I couldn’t hear what I was ask to do I finally got a manager to tell me why I was ask to leave they said loud noise I was like are you kidding this building is 50 feet long I hear your manager team from the other side of the room my buddy setting next to me couldn’t even hear me they was also a lot of loud noise but they only targeted me cause I said hold on to my family I think they target cell phones cause they can’t use them while at work a computer key board is louder than a cell phone I’m ask til cell phones are allowed for all computers be taken out a phone is my safety and my way of speaking to my family a computer is nothing you can even do study on then

Desired solution:

Think being cell phones are not allowed cumpters need to be taken out they make more noise than a cell also I think all new managers need to replace the ones they have now or close the hayner libary in Alton til you can find new ones

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