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on 18 July 2017 about RyanAir in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I’m writing this because I was completely horrified with the terrible work that people in Ryanair call centre in UK do.
The experience I had today was totally awful. The full story:
My aunt was going to fly from Oporto to Madrid with my sister (under 16) and she wanted to make the reservation together. The website doesn’t allow to link the two reservations without first contacting their costumer services. My aunt only speaks Portuguese (doesn’t understand a word in English). You offer your services in a vast number of languages, unfortunately you don’t offer it in Portuguese (6th most spoken language in the World). But that’s ok. So my aunt asked me to call your costumer services and get things done. Should be easy and will only take 5 mins That’s what I thought, but I was completely wrong.
– First call: I was not understanding the accent of the girl so I asked her to repeat some of the questions. At some point I was trying to explain that my aunt had one single reservation and my sister had 2. The girl started to shout and not letting me finish. I was not happy with it and I told her that. She excused saying that was shouting because I was not understanding her (which is not true).
After that she asked me to tell some information about the person who made the reservation, which I didn’t had with me. So she told me to call later with that information.
– Second call: this one was very rude and I feel I wasted money on the phone call to be insulted. At the beginning the girl said that I need to be one of the persons that booked the flight, and I replied saying that they don’t speak English so it has to be me. Also I explained that I was accountable for my sister that is under 16 and doesn’t speak English. She said that I had to understand, which I didn’t and still don’t understand. I asked her what if my aunt and my sister were deft and she didn’t answer. After some arguing the girl kept saying that this was not possible. I asked to speak with her manager, and she immediately made me wait without saying anything. After almost 5 minutes she returned saying: “I spoke to my manager and I’m sorry I can’t do that, we are running in circles so I have to hang up the phone”. I think this is totally unacceptable and this girl was very unprofessional. I hope she gets the proper punishment at the company.
– Third call: I immediately asked to speak with the manager, and the girl asked me why. I explained what happened and the girl said: “Sorry, we can only confirm this with the person that booked the flight, I can speak a little bit of Spanish so I understand Portuguese”. I laughed at that, and started speaking Portuguese, at every thing I said she replied: si (yes), having no idea what I was saying. This one was not rude and at least tried to be helpful.
Then she passed to her manager that only said the same things I head (bla bla bla you have to be the person who booked the flight, bla bla bla). Then I asked how they identify the person and she said that it is by the name the person who calls says in the beginning, which is ridiculous. But then she told me that they have a guy that could speak Portuguese that would be there in 1 hour.
– Fourth call (international): One hour later my aunt called them and after some “I don’t understand you” they hang up.
– Fifth call: Desperate with the situation I called them one more time and this time I said that I was my aunt (imagine that!) and 3 minutes later I had the situation solved with no problem.

Conclusion: more than 1 hour, being not well treated by the call centre assistants, a lot of money spent in phone calls, a terrible image of Ryanair (which I already had and just became worst)

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