Complaint: Assaulted by employees

on 12 June 2019 about Michaels Stores in category Interior shops

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I was picking some items for Michael’s craft store close to closing but I still had 10 minutes. Unemployed came up to me asking me to go to the front pay for my items I asked her if I could get one more thing and asked where the canvas was she said nothing here and then rudelu told me to go to the front. I noticed shoppers there that she was not bothering just me. I was getting my cart to look around to make sure I had everything with the exception of the canvas of course and I had a lot of small items that kept falling off my cart. To make sure I didn’t leave anything I put my items inside the rolling bag. All of this was being done in front of the employee I didn’t think it would be an issue because I was going to purchase it. I was lifting the rolling bag out of my cart to bring to the front the employee smacked me on the hand and tried to snatch the rolling bin out of my hands. I was very upset at her assault and blatant discrimination. I look a little bit unconventional with my very short hair leather jacket kind of a punk style it often gets me followed in stores but has never really bothered me before because I never stole anything I just kind of laughed at it but the way she treated me and put her hands on me it’s very upsetting I was made to feel like scum. a male employee came over I told him what happened she said it never happened I asked to check the cameras video and he said no cameras positions in this one spot which I thought was very convenient for them. at this point I still kind of wanted to go with my purchases cuz I needed some of the items for my friend as she was sick and needed them for her daughter’s school project. When I was shopping I accidentally slipped my phone inside the rolling bin when the employee was distracting me and arguing with me. I told her and asked her to remove it before I left and she hit me in the face with the top. Now I was very upset she assaulted twice I even asked the man employee if he saw her hit me with the lid and he said yes he did see that. They were still treating me like garbage when we went to the cash register and I did something that I am not proud of. because my phone was in the bin she wouldn’t let me get it out and my anxiety and depression I’ve been at an all-time high lately. I was also getting panicky because of the assaults I had just received from a Michaels employee. A little background on me I have been assaulted by three of my previous boyfriends on a regular basis and had suffered from PTSD depression and anxiety as a result when she smirked at me after hitting me and the male employee saw it and did absolutely nothing. I was starting to worry that they would continue to hurt me and I needed to leave with my phone my ex-boyfriend’s would also take my phone so I couldn’t call for help so I wanted to my previous fear mode I need to get my phone and run. Employee would not let go of the bin. My intention was not to steal but just to get my phone and leave but she was holding it to prevent that. I shouldn’t have taken the bin of items but I panicked because I was scared. After what felt like a terrifying eternity, while I was leaning back trying to pull the bin from her, she let it go so i fell on my bum and twisted my ankle. I could tell she did this with intention and malice because she was smirking so evil when I fell. I limped out of the store where my ride was waiting. My l lipstick was smeared from the second assault and I was limping so my friend asked me what the hell happened so I told her. She was shocked to say the least this is very out of character for me. I don’t want to use these items that I have taken without paying because I don’t believe in shoplifting. I’m scared to do that because they may call the cops even though it was my fear that made me take the items it was not intended. Now I’m sitting at home with a bag of ice on my ankle because it really hurts when I twisted it. I barely leave my house due to my anxiety this was the first time in 1 week and this is how it ends me assaulted in pain and guilty feeling from the items I didn’t pay for

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I hope that terrifying employee gets fired and I\'m not sure what can be done about my mental and physical anguish. This incident left me terrified, embarrassed, confused, in pain, guilty, suicidal and my anxiety and depression are at an all time high.

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