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on 29 September 2020 about Apple in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I purchased an iWatch 5 with cellular plan in December 2019. I loved it because it was like my alternative cell phone. It sometimes turned off and then on on its own. Auto reboot continuously for several minutes. I ignored it thinking maybe I touched a button. Then it started happening more.I contacted apple and they asked me to send the watch for repair. I told them several times that it behaves erratic a lot of times but not always, sometimes it looks perfect, sometimes it behaves erratically only 2-3 times a day without warning. I even attached and emailed a video so that they don’t get confused if they see the watch acting perfectly. I also said to understand that don’t be fooled by the times when it’s working well. Looks like that’s what happened. The watch has been sent for repair 3 times now. They are sending me the same watch back without any repair because they could not duplicate the problem and did not see any problem. Just because you could not see the problem in the hours you kept it there doesn’t mean there is no problem. I have been facing it for several weeks now. Please let me know how apple expects me to use that unreliable erratic watch now? My calls disconnects all of a sudden as the watch decides to reboot 10 times all of a sudden. It’s under warranty and still apple has not replaced it. I have wasted several hours talking to customer service advisor and doing diagnostics. Nothing has worked but Apple is still not ready to honor the warranty. I did not expect a multi million dollar company to be so stingy despite item being under warranty. Even my iwatch 2 works better than my iwatch 5. I have always been an apple fan, even a fan of its service, but this time I’m so very disappointed. It is like my cell phone when I go out for walks or when I forget my phone at home. How am I supposed to rely on it anymore? It turns off any time it wants and keeps rebooting several times for several minutes before going back to normal. Happens at least 4-5 times a day.

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By replacing the faulty watch

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