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My complaint:

Fake Arena scoring
Almost 99% of the Arena opponents are fake, computer-generated. They are always receiving higher scoring than you are. A fake opponent’s one bird can get over 2 mln points in the same simple window wherein you destroy everything and get under 1 mln points.
In the 4th-7th attempts of the winning streak fake opponents have a level that is 20 points higher than yours, and these fake opponents come with 4-5 spells on top of that.
Rovio is cheating in the Arena big time.

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Rovio should go to a shrink, stop being so greedy, and fix the game.

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Melanie Morris
Melanie Morris (@guest_1394)
2 months ago

Why does an update fix irrelevant problems but add on more and more unfair obstacles, ie. any king pig battle now has foliage in the screen whenever you launch a bird. WTF??