Complaint: Abusing lack of information of tenant and manipulating the reality

on 14 October 2018 about Marsh & Parsons in category Real Estate / Housing

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My complaint:

I moved to the UK on 3rd of june under the sponsorship of my company by relocation. I searched for a place to rent and considering my lack of information about environment, I got support from a Real Estate Agency (Marsh and Parsons). I mentioned about my allergic and sensitive conditions before looking the options. M&P suggested me a lower ground basement flat in Fulham, and I asked the disadvantages of the lower ground in terms of any possible humidity/ dampness which effects my health seriously. They confirmed that the flat is fully refurbished and no dampness and humidity. I have seen the flat for 5 minutes and I did not recognize anything. We signed the contract and I paid first month rent in advance + 6 week deposit+ administration charge+ inventory check-in fee and reference fee. I went to check the property for moving and cleaning, when spending 1 hour in the flat I noticed mold smell and visible mold in the cupboards (much severe than humidity and dampness), I had an irritation on my throat and other allergic symptoms such as difficulty in breathing. I immediately sent an e-mail to landlord about the situation and I cancelled the moving. I haven’t moved to the flat because it is impossible for me to stay under such a condition, as a pharmacist I am fully aware of symptoms of allergy and its negative effect to my health. I met with landlord and representative of Marsh and Parsons, they tried to convince me to move to the flat and put the contract on the table mentioning about my liabilities.

It is not about my feeling of humidity which could be solved with dehumidifiers, the problem is mold and dampness (both visible and non-visible because I felt it seriously) in the property which is more severe and serious even for a non-allergic person. The property is not healthy. I haven’t moved to the flat and I can not move because it is a serious health issue.They also mentioned me that you should not choose a lower ground basement and it is a common and normal situation in UK. But that’s why I used Letting Agency because I am new and I am not familiar with climate/environment/housing conditions etc.

Just to emphasize once again – I made a contract and signed a contract but this was not my fault and I could not predict this problem. Marsh and Parsons Agency and Landlord abused my lack information and and they laid all to my charge.

I provided keys to the Agency, I had to extend my stay in the hotel which costs double charges to me, I don’t have any place to stay, I got damage materially (app. £4.500 so far) and psychologically.
I agreed to terminate the agreement since there is no other option. I did not use the property, I did not move into the flat but I paid 1 month rent and 6 weeks deposit. M&P are also insisting on my tenant liabilities even until they will find a new tenant which is not fair.

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Suggested solution:

Since the root cause of the issue is that Marsh and Parsons suggested me a flat which is not appropriate and they are advertising this flat as refurbished and manipulating the reality, the agreement needs to be terminated as soon as possible and I will claim about the payment I have made so far.

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